My Lead Gen Secret Review 2022 | Legit or Overhyped?

I have been a member of the My Lead Gen Secret program for about a year and a half now, and have experienced EVERYTHING this service has to offer. I thought now was a good a time as any to share my experiences, as I am sure there are many of you who would love a straightforward no nonsense “behind the scenes” perspective from someone with no agenda, that just simply wants to share their journey.

If this sounds like you then feel free to read on…

I’ve put together a list of 10 interesting facets of this company from my perspective, that I am sure everyone will be curious about and rightly so, as any business is only as good as the sum of all its parts. Put together, does this company add up to a fine tuned orchestra or a bittersweet symphony?

2. The My Lead Gen Secret leads are real people… I like to add a P.S. line to the bottom of many of the email ads I send out, where I share my email address and invite my readers to reach out to me personally if they so choose. If someone makes a “low cost” purchase from me, I will then follow up and invite them to meet me on a Zoom conference call. This way I can start to build some trust and then upsell them to purchase something higher ticket. This approach works VERY well and I recommend trying it.

3. The leads I have received each day are eager to buy and will respond to a wide variety of money making offers… Like I described in point two, offering one of the many to choose from low cost offers initially, is a great way to pre-qualify that person for a more aggressive purchase later. (Helpful Tip: don’t always ask your leads to buy in each email. Occasionally send “value” emails with no purchase option. A value email is something providing quality information, or even a free product. From my experience, if you send out at LEAST two of these value emails per week, you will have your leads eating out of the palm of your hand.

4. I promoted the MLGS affiliate program and have earned generous commissions… One of the provided leads I got from the system bought from one of the emails I sent her, and she has turned into quite the enroller for my organization. With me guiding her and by following the training provided in our facebook support group, this person has enrolled a TON of people herself. Even if I stopped doing anything, I will still earn recurring commissions on all this persons efforts well into 2022, five levels deep. Her using the internal mailer and posting ads on her facebook page and various other money making groups, has made me a nice little chunk of change and I love it.

5. Simple to use in-house mailing system provided at no extra cost that I use to send an email broadcast to my leads… It takes me less than 2 minutes start to finish to send my mailing out. The mlgs mailing platform is SO easy to use and works great. You really don’t need to consider any other autoresponder as its not required to make this work. Want to have your message arrive in a leads inbox at the best time possible to ensure they engage with your email? Select the nifty “Perfect Timing” box and your email will arrive the time of day they are most likely to open up and respond (works great)

6. Detailed Mailer Tracking Stats provided… I love to track my stats with this program, and mlgs gives me everything I need to keep track . When I send out a sales email to any reader, it would be nice to know what that person did with it, right? mlgs offers detailed tracking stats that monitors and informs me of all the important data including when someone has opened or clicked a link in my email.

7. They give me the ability to easily download the leads to my own device and send out offers to my leads using any third-party autoresponder of my choice… There are a lot of great autoresponder options out there to choose from if I ever want to go above and beyond the complimentary mailing system mlgs give me, and mail my leads more often. (Tip: I personally get great feedback using my own self-hosted autoresponder, so you may want to look into one of those)

8. Great customer support including Live Chat that offers quick help on the fly, and also the main support desk that answers support tickets and pays out commissions within 24 hours… Both Ronald and Ryan on live chat have always been super helpful with me whenever I’ve called on them. Ronald even spent 45 minutes with me one time coming up with a custom email campaign I wanted to experiment with. Also, Brett at the main support portal has always sent out my commissions the very same day I requested. I have been paid by them using PayPal, bitcoin, and check and its always flawless.

9. They have a Facebook support group I like to get all my new mlgs signups to join called My Lead Gen Secret Success… This group has nearly 5000 active members and provides all sorts of resources to help marketers from beginner to advanced, succeed with mlgs. (Tip: this fb group offers a weekly lead swap where mlgs members can “pool” their leads together and share with each other. This is a brilliant community of successful mlgs people who are committed to each others success, where no one is left behind.

Amazing help in this fb support group!

10. My Lead Gen Secret is a company with a GREAT reputation… Whether its a marketing forum, Facebook chat group or YouTube case study, looking online you will quickly realize this company has A LOT of satisfied members. This is really important to me, as someone involved with this company, what people say and post publicly affects me and my business efforts.

Ok so the ten considerations I detailed above are from my own personal experience using My Lead Gen Secret, and no third-party has swayed me in either direction, good or bad. Before you decide to join something, it is up to you to conduct your own due diligence and see what people are saying in 2022. Better yet, you could adopt my marketing philosophy of trying everything out there once…and if it works KEEP IT, if it doesn’t work DUMP IT.



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